Dodge It

Dodge It

Imagine, several components in a cage together, competitive and fired up. A dodgeball tournament begins and circumstances are limited. The true champion is revealed. Each player is given two soft, cushiony balls. They will not hurt the player when it hits them. The object of the game is to throw it at other players but at the same time, dodge the ones thrown at you! Catch the ball coming towards you or pull a matrix and bend over to where the ball comes inches away from you but never touches you. Do not let your teammates score a point by plowing you in the thigh with their force! Balls thrown that bounce off the back wall and hit the player do not count. Every man to himself, or teams of two, it is up to you! We allow four members in the cage at a time and it comes with a total of eight dodgeballs. The inflatable cage is a whopping 20 feet long and 16 feet wide! It is 12 feet high so feel free to jump up and down. We ask that even though the balls are not dense, players are safe and considerate while aiming at their friends. The game will always be attended by one of our staff to make sure people are being safe and having a good time. It is easy enough to set up and tear down, we will need two individual 110v power circuits within 100 feet of the inflatable. Our company provides 100 feet of extension cords as well as any weights to secure the cage if needed. Ages seven and up are allowed to play in Dodge It and the equipment has mesh windows all around the sides so that guardians can watch their kids play the game and friends can be the audience to an intense tournament.

Attendant: Requires 1 attendant for set up, operation and tear down (you may use your own volunteer to help save on labor)

Power: Requires two (110v) independent circuits within 100 ft. of unit. GP will provide 100 ft. of extension cords.

Dimensions: 20′ long x 16′ wide x 12′ tall

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