Bouncy Boxing

Bouncy Boxing

Watching UNC boxing is quite intense, even funny to imagine yourself in that ring. So why not add some extreme humor by throwing on a pair of truly ginormous boxing gloves and putting yourself and a team player to the test. They will also receive a protective helmet to wear. Have a friend or family member rub your shoulders and climb into a 17 by 17 foot bouncy ring. Ding ding, game on, see which player can dominate the other by knocking them off balance and onto the surface of the inflatable. The surface of the inflatable is air filled and very bouncy so players experience a soft landing and a safe fall. Use your ridiculously oversized, foam filled boxing gloves to defend yourself and win the round. Two players stand on the inside with the long line up as the audience. Everyone gets a turn although the “I call winner” approach to this game gets all the competitive juices flowing. Our staff will need about 22 by 22 feet to set up this unit because the inflatable itself is 17 by 17 feet and nine feet tall. The unit only requires one 110v power circuit within 100 feet of its placement and we will provide extension cords along with any equipment to help secure the inflatable to the ground if needed (depending on the location of your event). Several members of our staff will set up and tear down the inflatable and one of us will monitor the unit during the entire course of your event. Volunteer work is appreciated knowing you may want to watch family and friends knock each other out while laughing and bouncing and make sure all is well. Granted, one of our staff will stay near the unit at all times to ensure complete safety and satisfaction. This is a great addition to any party, sports celebration, or annual gathering!

Attendant: Requires 1 attendant for set up, supervision and tear down (you may use your own volunteer to help save on labor)

Power: Requires one (110v) independent circuit within 100 ft. of unit. GP will provide 100 ft. of extension cords.

Dimensions (in ft.): 17x17x 9 tall

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