Bubble Bowling

Bubble Bowling

Most would not argue bowling as the best sport out there. The pins are a small target and the bowling ball isn’t much to look at either. But what if it was a game played by giants? What if the pins were ginormous and the bowling ball was even bigger. In addition, there’s a person causing the bowling ball to roll by standing inside of it! To secure yourself inside a seven foot tall spherical, transparent ball is already a funny risk to take. But to be aimed, then rolled down an oversized alley as if you are a ball, plowing into giant bowling pins is a leap of faith at best! Be the sport or play the sport, it’s your choice! Pushing your brother or a friend into a collection of targets could be quite exhilarating, watching them tumble and succeed in knocking all the pins down. Or you could get into the bowling ball with your legs out, able to run freely. Crash yourself at the end of the 40 foot alley, you’ll be laughing so hard and stumbling to have accuracy. But that’s ok, you’re just along for the ride, right? This game comes with six bowling pins to crash into, each is five feet tall! Each player will receive headgear and knee pads to put on so they stay safe and prevent getting banged up. To set up this unit, one of our staff will need two separate 110v power circuits within 100 feet of the inflatable. A staff member of Gravity Play Events will stay next to the Bubble Bowling unit during your entire event, volunteer work is much appreciated. All ages can enjoy this set of equipment as long as they are okay with looking like a hamster in its ball. With one person using this unit at a time (which is only what we allow for safety reasons) about 90 to 120 different children and adults at your event can get a turn as the human bowling ball. That’s a lot of people tumbling inside the bubble so be sure to invite as many people as you can to your corporate party, birthday, or festival. Truly, this game is a wonderful addition to any type of event. As long as the energy is high and joyous.

Attendants: Requires 1 attendant for set up, operation and tear down (you may use your own volunteer to help save on labor)

Power: Requires two (110v) independent circuits within 100 ft. of unit. GP will provide 100 ft. of extension cords.

Dimension: 40’0”L x 17’0”W Sphere 7’0” in diameter

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