Calf Roper

Calf Roper

Got a Western themed wedding, fair, or birthday? You know how much a real cowboy loves to show off his skills. Show everyone around how well you can rope the calf. Its not everyone’s art of choice but when you know how it sure is something to brag about. And if not, why not learn now! Use Gravity Play Events Calf Roper to teach or be taught. What a high energy addition to have to your event. Yell “yeeehaaa!” with the rope gripped in one hand and your strategist aim in the other. Stand close to the calf or step back to challenge yourself. In order to set up this unit, one of our staff members will need about 18 by 10 feet of the space of provide. We want to give the person who is roping plenty of room to swing around the rope above their head, as well as ensure the safety of others around them. It’s easy enough to transport that only one staff member needs to take care of it. During your entire event, they will attend the unit and make sure it is used correctly and all guests at the party are staying safe. It is in our best interest to involve everyone and keep the satisfaction high. All ages are able to use this piece of equipment. Maybe a two years old wants help from dad to dominate the wild animal or grandma wants to prove everyone wrong. Just stand back and cheer each other on like it’s the last thing you’ll do. Either way it’s a quick and easy way to have fun, low intensity and a relaxed mind go a far way with the Calf Roper. With his hay body and horned head looking up at you, why not see how good you really are at roping. You know, for practice and for fun. Killing two birds with one stone. Or two calves with one rope if you will.

Attendant: Requires 1 attendant for set up, supervision and tear down (you may use your own volunteer to help save on labor)

Power: None

Operational Foot-print: 18′ x 18

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