Double Shot Basketball

Double Shot Basketball

This game of basketball is somewhere in-between a small arcade game and a real game on a court. It’s more than just tossing a ball a few feet in front of you and you don’t get just enough freedom to run around, block, or pass the ball. Stand in front of the inflatable and take your best shot. Since there’s two different hoops, kids can stand next to each other and compete to see who scores the most. Then watch the ball you threw eight feet into the air roll back down the inflatable slope so pick it up and throw it again! Maybe you can see how long your dunk streak lasts. Or time each other to see how many dunks are achieved per minute! This carnival game can be as competitive as you with or as laid back as you can make it. Ages seven and up are more likely to be able to reach the basket balls and make the baskets. Although the kid has got a strong arm if he can show up the older ones. With two different people using this unit at a time, about 80 of your guests can enjoy tossing the balls in just an hour, so invite everyone you know. Our Gravity Play Events staff are fully trained and one of the staff members will stand by the Double Shot Basketball during the entirety of your event. It is our priority to make sure all users of our equipment are satisfied and get the full effect of the joy it can bring. This inflatable game is 10 feet long, nine feet wide and eight feet tall, therefore, our staff will need roughly 15 feet all the way around to set up the unit. We will also need a power source within 100 feet of the location of the inflatable. Our company will provide extension cords as needed as well as any weights to secure the inflatable to the ground. As you’ll see, there will always be a long line up of people who want to take their turn with this game. Perfect for any sports related celebration, company party or festival.

Attendant: Requires 1 attendant for set up, supervision and tear down (you may use your own volunteer to help save on labor costs)

Power: Requires one (110v) indepedent circuit within 100 ft. of unit. GP will provide 100 ft. of extension cords.

Dimensions: 10’L x 9’ W x 8’ Ht.

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