Fire and Ice Slide

Fire and Ice Slide

With this bright orange, yellow, red, and blue wet and dry 17 foot slide, it allows children and adults to decide which height they would like to slide down from.  When they climb up the ladder, they can stop at the first platform or continue three and a half feet higher and slide down the second. Both slides whip around a turn and lead to a pool that is checked by our detail oriented staff to guarantee perfection for you and guests so you and your guests are free to enjoy your event without worry.  This particular inflatable needs 2 volunteers or staff for set up, tear down, and supervision. Along with 2 staff or volunteers, we require 1 (110 volt) individual circuit within 100 feet of the unit. We will provide a 100 foot extension cord and if need be, we can provide a generator for additional costs. This inflatable needs sandbags or stakes. If we are unable to stake, water barrels can be used as long as there is a water source within 100 feet of the unit; however additional costs apply. We allow no more than 2 people on this impeccable slide at once. Since this is one of our most popular items in summer for children, we ask that you book your event with us a bit in advance so we can ensure that your favorite units are available for you event. We understand the value of having good old fashioned fun with the family along with reasonable prices that don’t break the bank so packaged deals tend to include some discounts. If you need additional information, our technical staff is more than happy to express and inform you of our knowledge with the inflatables if you have any further questions regarding this inflatable or any others!


Attendants Required: 2 for set up, supervision and tear down; you may use your own volunteers to assist with set up, supervision and tear down to help save on labor.

Age limit:  suitable for ages 7 years and up

Number of guests on at one time: 2 (approximately 120 guests per hour)

Dimension: Length – 34’0” / Width – 17’0” / Height – 20’0” / Weight – 375 Lbs.

Power Requirements: 1 (110v) individual circuit within 100 feet of unit (Gravity Play Events will provide 100 ft. of extension cords)

Other requirements: 6 sandbags or 6 stakes (water barrels can be used for areas we’re unable to stake – this requires water source within 100 feet of unit; additional cost applies)

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