Jump n Slide

Jump n Slide

Similar to a choose your own adventure book, only in real life! Climb half way up to enjoy an exhilarating, air catching jump off the inflatable. All while it may be nerve racking, a soft and cushion landing at the bottom soothes the nerves. It’ll take your body down into a cove of safety and bounce you upward to get back to ground level. Let’s say you keep climbing the ladder instead of stopping at the jump off, you’ll reach 30 feet into the air and be able to slide all the way down. This steep slide feels like it’s a never ending moment of pure amusement! So put your hands in the air and enjoy the ride! It’s the perfect balance of fun and risk taking. It’s completely safe, given, we let two guests on at a time. This means 120 different kids and adults can have the time of their life in just one hour! Ages eight and up can enjoy this piece of equipment, be sure to come mentally prepared for a grand time. This bundle of fun is 39 feet wide and 1200 pounds! So we will need two independent 110v power circuits within 100 feet of the unit. Our staff can provide all labor which includes five people for setting up the inflatable and tearing down and also two attendants to supervise the on goings in regards to the equipment. We will bring any extension cords and weights to secure the inflatable required.

The last needed aspect is to bring as many friends and family as possible to share exciting experiences! If you or anyone at your party wants to volunteer to supervise the inflatable, we are glad to let you watch your guests scream and shout as they jump with style or slide in excitement. We hope to be an extra entertainment source in addition to the Jump And Slide! Along with friends and family, we intend to encourage fun at your event. This is a perfect addition to a birthday, or any annual celebration or holiday!

Dimensions: 39′ x 24′ x 34

Power Requirements 
3 – 20 amp Circuits

Setup/Tear Down Requirements
5 Staff Members

Operation Requirements
2 Staff Members

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