Laser Tag

laser tag
lazer-2lazer-340 ft. encounter floor plan

Laser Tag

What would you do if you were standing in the middle of Area 51, aliens everywhere and all you have on you is a laser gun? Well it’s a good thing you haven’t had to know what you’d do but our staff members will gladly train you through a game of laser tag! Some inside our dome-like UFO to experience something out of this world. Eight people will receive a short lesson on safety and how to go about the game. After a five minute match, the true winner is revealed. There are four red laser guns and four blue ones. So team up! Obviously, real UFOs are certainly no small. And neither is our inflatable UFO. Our staff members will need 50 feet in diameter, and 18 feet in height (which includes the alien head) because the equipment is so large. 40 feet in diameter and 17 feet in height to be exact. We ask you to ensure enough space designated for Laser Tag to keep your guests safe. We will also need three different 110v power circuits within 100 feet of the inflatable. And our team will provide any extension cords needed as well as heavy weights to secure the inflatable to the ground. We may use stakes or water barrels if stakes are unavailable, which would have an additional cost and a water source within 100 feet. In order to properly manage the inflatable, at least three of our staff members will set up and tear down, and two of our members will stand by Laser Tag throughout the entire event. They aim to encourage everyone who joins the game to have a blast. Ages six and up can enter the arena. What makes this inflatable so great is that it is not pressurized. There are four exits/entrees going around the arena. This game will become the life of your party, without a doubt. Out of this world, if you will.

Attendants required: 3 attendants for set up and tear down (heavy unit) and 2 attendants for supervision/operation

Power requirement: three (110v) independent circuits within 100 ft. of unit.

Age Limit: 8 years of age to adults

Other requirement: 6-8 stakes (sand bags not preferred – if unable to stake we can provide water barrels; additional cost applies and requires water source within 100 ft. of unit)

Dimensions: 40 ft. in diameter, ht. = 13 ft. without UFO head and 17 ft. ht. with UFO head. (please allow enough space around unit to ensure safe playing for guests)