65 ft. Inflatable Obstacle Course

65 ft. Inflatable Obstacle Course

An even more adventurous option is our 65-foot inflatable obstacle course rental that vary in size depending on your needs.   The obstacle course rental is the perfect way to add a unique twist to a bounce party. They are also great for bringing fun to any corporate, school, and camp events. Challengers position themselves at the portal-like entrance of the 65-foot obstacle course before they dive head-on into the course. Up ahead is the familiar vertical pop ups followed by the horizontal hurdles leading into a second section of similar challenges. After clearing the second set of hurdles, the challengers must crawl through tunnel before enjoying the exhilarating climb up and slide down to the finish. It is a two-piece inflatable Obstacle course that allows for easy transportation and separate use. Whether combined for use as one long obstacle course or separated for multi-use entertainment, the 65-obstacle course keeps participants entertained for hours. Like all obstacle courses, it is a fun way to enjoy physical activity and promote a confident and competitive spirit. Constructed of fire-resistant vinyl for easy portability, durability and safety. Please call for pricing and see what deals are available that fit your event needs. Great for adults and children alike!

Attendants Required for Inflatable Obstacle Course: 2 for set up, supervision and tear down; you may use your own volunteers to assist with set up, supervision and tear down to help save on labor.

Age limit: 8 years of age to adults.

Number of guests on at one time: 2 (approximately 70-80 guests per hour)

Dimension: Length – 65’0” / Width – 15’0” / Height – 13’0”

Power Requirements: 2 (110v) individual circuits within 100 feet of unit (Gravity Play Events will provide 100 ft. of extension cords)

Other requirements: 6 sandbags or 6 stakes (water barrels can be used for areas we’re unable to stake – this requires water source within 100 feet of unit; additional cost applies)

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