Soccer Darts & Foot Darts

Soccer Darts & Foot Darts

Introducing foot darts….it’s soccer meets darts using a velcro soccer ball and a 10 x 22 inflatable velcro dart board. It’s not as dangerous as regular darts and nowhere near as dangerous as lawn darts which is the best darts game invented so far. Basically you kick a velcro covered soccer ball at a giant inflatable dart board to collect points. Players can run around freely and choose the location to aim from. Darts you can play with your feet!? YES! Great way to practice your goal kicking aim. Fun interactive game for kids and adults of all ages and perfect for any skill level. It is the newest sporting craze gaining national attention. Your Soccer star will fall in love with this inflatable game. It is BIG fun for everyone and extremely popular so make sure to reserve it today! Great for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday party, an end of the season bash, team building, corporate or trying to raise a little money for your favorite cause — this is sure to wow the crowds, big or small!

Attendants Required: 2 for set up, operation and tear down; you may use your own volunteers to assist with set up, operation and tear down to help save on labor. Volunteers must be reliabe.

Age Limit: Great for all ages

Number of guests on at one time: game for 2 players at one time or teams (each play runs quick – to get through those long lines)

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