Volcano Slide with detachable pool

Volcano Slide with detachable pool

This intense, red, fifteen foot inflatable is perfect of a Luau or Tropical themed event. It features a fifty-two degree slide that sends you down into an over-sized pool of water. This particular pool is the largest that we have that is included with all of our water slides. This particular unit can be rented either wet or dry so it is perfect for all times of the year. Along with providing fun for the whole family, it is also one of our safest slides. Safety features include handles on the steps, a fully enclosed top, no jump safety netting at the top of the slide, loading steps, and a cushioned pool. This unit requires one staff or volunteer for set up, supervision, and tear down. Volunteers help save on labor costs and make setting up much faster. Along with the one attendant required for set up, supervision, and tear down, we require there to be a power circuit of at least one hundred and ten volts within one hundred feet of the unit. Generators can be used if none are available; however an additional fee may apply. Gravity Play Events will also provide one hundred foot extension cords so you don’t have to. Other requirements include 6 sandbags or stakes. If we are unable to stake, water barrels can be used as long as there is a water source within one hundred feet of the unit. Water barrels have an additional fee. With this inflatable, we allow no more than two guests on at a time. That’s roughly about one hundred and twenty guests and hour. Our well trained staff is highly knowledgeable about all of our equipment and if there should be any questions or concerns, feel free to ask and we will be more than happy to provide you with the information you need.

Attendants Required: 1 for set up, supervision and tear down; you may use your own volunteers to assist with set up, supervision and tear down to help save on labor.

Age limit: 7 years of age to adults

Number of guests on at one time: 2 (approximately 120 guests at one time)

Dimension: Length – 30’7” / Width – 13’4” / Height – 15’0” / Min. space required: 22 ft. x 38 ft. / Weight: 349 Lbs.

Power Requirements: 1 (110v) individual circuit within 100 feet of unit (Gravity Play Events will provide 100 ft. of extension cords)

Other requirements: 6 sandbags or 6 stakes (water barrels can be used for areas we’re unable to stake – this requires water source within 100 feet of unit; additional cost applies)


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