• Rocky Mountain High

    Customizable program with rock climbing (on portable climbing wall) simulated kayaking on board with rollers and more.

  • Broadmoor Search

    Search/locate facts and items on the Broadmoor grounds—good for large groups.
  • Eco Find

    Geo Caching using GPS that can include rock climbing and rappelling or just hiking at Red Rock Canyon Park, Cheyenne Canyon Park or Garden of the Gods Park. Small to medium size groups up to 100 participants.

  • Team Cranium

    Based on the game Cranium. Good for any size group that involves problem solving, communication and fun. Can be done on property or at any other location

  • Five Star Race

    Similar to “The Amazing Race” - participants navigate by foot, bike, car/van, paddle boat or any combination thereof to solve problems. Done on property or most any location. Goal is to complete a circuit in giving amount of time. 2-4 hr. program or 4-8 hr. program.

  • Pub Crawl

    Scavenger hunt in downtown Colorado Springs that includes art and/or sculptures for the finds.
  • Croquet

    On Broadmoor lawn - up to 5 courts for team play with emphasis on the history, rules and etiquette of play. Also, can be done on hard surface, i.e., carpet or tile floor.

  • Golf Croquet

    Ideal for large groups-variation of traditional croquet.
  • Kickball Croquet

    Same format as croquet, but done with a soccer ball and bigger wickets that a ball will fit through. Can be done with a 72 ft. long x 46 ft. wide inflatable sports cage to contain the balls.

  • Act React

    Interactive improvisational theatre experience. Loosely based on the popular T.V. show “Whose Line is it Anyway?”
  • Game Show Mania

    Game show podiums complete with MC, buzzer,microphones and digital read outs on podiums for scoring. Customized questions or select from various formats, e.g., sports, entertainment and much more.

  • Games with a Purpose

    Fun and interactive games that address the goals of communication, problem solving, trust and collaboration/cooperation.: Human Foosball, Cone Heads, Ready Aim, Tow the Line and many more.

We also offer clowns and magicians, in addition to bungee trampoline and inflatable rentals. We have everything you need to plan your corporate party and make it a hit! Plan your next corporate event in Denver, Colorado Springs, Albuquerque and the surrounding areas with us!


  • Customize by School or Organisation

    Customize by School or Organisation

  • Fashion Statement

    Fashion Statement

  • Phone and Ipod Cases

    Phone and Ipod Cases

  • Flips Flops

    Flips Flops

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