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Carnival Ride Rental Prices

 Carnival ride rental prices will vary by state but in Arizona you can rent carnival rides for around $499 for 3 hours. This would be a 2 person spinning carnival ride or a 2 person Human Gyroscope for around $599.00 for 3 hours. These carnival rides came with staff to operate them and can fit in small areas. 

Bigger Carnival rides like a chair swing that holds about 12 kids will rent for around $1,400.00 for 4 hours but will come with staff, fencing and its own power. Carnival rides like a swing ride will take up more room but is better for small kids. A good carnival ride rental for bigger kids or teens would be MindWinder amusement rides. These carnival rides are sure to please any age group and rent for around $1,500.00 for 4 hours in and around Arizona.

Ferris wheels rent for around $1,400.00 for 4 hours in Arizona and will hold around 24 kids at a time. Make sure to choose a quality carnival ride rental company in Arizona like Arizona Bounce Around. They will have a great selection of carnival ride rentals in Arizona and are skilled at kids events and school & church carnivals. They also have event planners on staff and deliver and operate carnival rides so they can be a one stop shop. Adding carnival games like a Hi Striker can really bring your carnival to life. Here are some more options to help complete your carnival: Carnival booth tents, carnival games, photo booth, event lighting and event security.  

I hope this article helps you find carnival rental ride prices in Arizona. Check out the carnival ride rental videos below.