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Company Picnic Ideas in Denver Colorado

  We value and invest in each member of our team for their commitment to provide the upmost service to our customers and to our business. A company is only as great as its employees and leaders are with their ability to collaborate and solve any tasks they are given, right?


When your team gets along and works together in solving problems and handling responsibilities efficiently and effectively, your company and its staff reap so many different benefits as a whole. But “all work and no play…” can make the workforce sluggish and despondent. This is why we, at Arizona Bounce Around, want to encourage you to invest in your team by hosting company picnics, teambuilding events, banquets, and other company quality time festivities to grow your business into the strongest it can be. And we have just what you need to host your next company shindig!

The 8 player Ninja Warrior Dome is one of the newest and most popular choices for such an event. Rent it for a company picnic at a park, in your parking lot, inside your warehouse or inside a ballroom or auditorium for a high energy collaborative teambuilding experience. Challenge work colleagues and work together to last as long as possible in the Ninja Warrior Dome, and see who still needs just a little more ninja training for the next company party.

Add on our Tug-A-War Rope and our Adult Tricycles for additional teambuilding challenges. High energy games, like these, are all the rage for many companies looking to build up their team and help create a better work environment when returning to the office on Monday morning.

Lower energy games, however, also give the same teambuilding opportunities to companies hosting soirees for their staff. Our Giant Jenga and huge selection of Carnival and Arcade Games maintain a casual, cocktail party-like, ambiance. Bring out your employees competitive and collaborative edges with The Vault game and/or our brand new Giant Operation game.



Let hilarity and fun ensue as your employees get to know each other better, come together to play elaborate, silly games, and enjoy an entertaining company-sponsored day outside of the office.

So if you’re thinking of hosting a teambuilding day or weekend for your company staff or just want to have a casual out-of-the-office company picnic or other company-sponsored event, why not do it?! Invest in your team, and your staff and your business will thank you!