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Gravity Play Events Five Foolproof Ways to Stay Cool (and to entertain) this Summer


1. Host backyard party weekends! You can always invite friends and family over to enjoy a splash in your pool, if you have one. But if you don’t, as with many people – or if you’re looking to add a little something on to your pool party – how about you rent a unique water item for your shindig? Rent one of our several waterslides (i.e the Luau Tiki Water Slide), slip and slides (i.e. the Surf the Wave Slip N Slide), and/or water games (i.e. the Water Pump Battle) to entertain and chill your guests throughout the heat of the day!


2. Serve up some creative iced beverages and adult drinks! Cracking open a cold one with the boys or having that first sip of a fruit smoothie can be so refreshing. So get your creative juices flowing with our Snow Cone Machine by using your own syrup and ingredients and/or buying flavored syrup from us. Concoct delicious, revitalizing recipes that keep friends and family coming back for more. Nothing feels better than sitting on the pool deck with two feet in the water and a snow cone in your hand.

3. Shade it up! Did you know that we feel physically 10 to 15 degrees cooler when we are under a shaded area than how we physically feel when we are in direct sunlight? Our 10X10 Canopy Tents and 20X20 Inflatable Dome Tent are great tools to use for sun protection and shade production in your backyard and at park parties. Add in a couple of tables with chairs, and you’ll be able to keep your guests comfortable and cooler for any outdoor event you host!

4. Host indoor weekend get-togethers! On days where you don’t want to risk the heat, a good ole fashioned house party can be a great alternative idea. At Arizona Bounce Around, we offer many different indoor party games like our customer-favorite Giant games - Giant Jenga, Giant Connect Four, and Giant Operation – as well as our many other carnival and arcade games like Ping Pong, Dance Dance Revolution, and more! Rain or shine, any day is perfect to invite guests over to spending time playing games, listening to music with our Dance Party Sound System, and enjoying an indoor light show with the Fusion 5 Light Show or one of our many other music/sound coordinated lighting systems.

5. Have an outdoor movie night! Summer nights provide the perfect setting for an outdoor event. Unsurprisingly, when the sun goes down, so does the outside temperature. Why not make the best of it? Rent our Inflatable Movie Screen for your next nighttime event! Get your favorite movie ready on DVD or BluRay and then set up some blankets and chairs in the best viewing spots of the screen for you and your guests. You can even make it a true movie night experience with our Popcorn Machine and our Cotton Candy Machine. Fulfill your ultimate filmgoing fantasies in your own backyard and let the warm summer night memories begin to grow!

For any and all of these cool ideas, don’t forget to add on tables and chairs to keep your guests comfortable and ice chests to keep drinks and other snacks chilled. Even add on our Inflatable Carwash to your outdoor events for a funky and fun misting, cooling system that your guests will definitely appreciate!

At Gravity Play Events, we believe in making our customers happy and providing the best products possible no matter what the weather may be. We also make sure that our customers are aware of standard safety protocols in regards to weather related incidents, like extreme heat. Use our above five foolproof ways to stay cool and have fun this summer, but also remember the basics of keeping cool and healthy when the temperatures start rising.

• Stay hydrated by drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day (and more if you’re very active during the day) and eating more food that contain higher water concentrations like fruit and vegetables.

• Wear hats, lightweight (and lighter colored) clothing, sunglasses, and sunscreen that help deflect the sun and protect against the sun’s intense UV rays.

• Minimize time spent outside of AC controlled environments and decrease usage of heat-generating appliances while you’re at home.
Keep our five infallible summer entertainment ideas in mind utilizing Arizona Bounce Around’s hundreds of water games, inflatables, and other items and incorporate the above fundamental tips, as well, and you’ll be sure to have the most comfortable, fun, and cool summer ever!