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How to Choose the Right Obstacle Course to Rent in Denver Colorado

Obstacle course rental in Colorado may seem like an easy answer to your party fun. Many people do not think any further than that when choosing a particular rental. As with any other inflatable rental, there is some thought that should go into renting an obstacle course. Some details that should be taken into account is the area you have for the inflatable rental, the efficiency of the obstacle course, properly staffed, and any accessories that allow the easiest flow of foot traffic.

When talking about the area available in contrast the area required for the obstacle course seems like an obvious point to come across when renting from a company. Most rental companies list the exact measurements of the inflatable as they are listed on the owner's manual. To optimize all the features and benefits that go with an obstacle course rental in Colorado, it is best if you find a company that lists the suggested space. A company that lists suggested space is thinking beyond the normal requirements for a customer but showing care in providing the best experience for the customers. Especially when dealing with having suitable visibility along with efficiency is what makes or breaks the event.

When talking about efficiency, you need to find the inflatable that suits your event needs more than just the coolest looking. For example compare inflatable obstacle courses from Gravity Play Events, I have chosen to use these two as examples because i have seen them both in action at a school carnival. Using this example you can see how these are two completely different obstacle courses and should be rented with two different purposes. The Dual Extreme Obstacle Course rental is considered more of a high volume obstacle course rental due to the high amount of people completing the course in such a short time.

This would be your better choice if the host was a school or carnival expecting a high number of participants. Allowing for the competition and thrill with a short amount of time required to complete the course. Obstacle Course rentals are a huge rental item that appeals to any thrill seeker's eye.

The ultimate thrill is a great choice for birthdays, little league events, or any other event not requiring a steady flow of people. People sometimes do not take into consideration how long and how difficult it can be to manage kids when it comes to these types of events. Over and over again people rent an obstacle course and encounter a problem of either not being challenging enough for their group or they could not get as many kids the opportunity to get the most out of the time available. Even though the one that you find most appealing seems like the perfect choice, many times it is not the most suitable for your event needs.

If you are looking for a more personal experience with your obstacle course rental, you can go with one of backyard sized choices.  Compact or smaller obstacle courses and add your flavor of choice with the multiple panels available.  If you are having an event with the younger kids that cant quite handle these other ones, go with a childrens obstacle course rental.  The caterpillar is a great design for all the young ones to enjoy.  If your space is extremely limited and you think you only have room for a bouncer rental, we have an option for you also.  The 5 & 1 Choose Your theme jumpy rental is the exact size and shape as some of our bouncy rentals, yet has an amazing obstacle course in it!

 astly, to help with the issues i stated above and to ensure yourself the best time possible make sure the event is properly staffed and has the necessary tools to make it flow as smooth as possible. Having the right number of people to cover the entrance and exit is not enough.

Having a roamer to ensure kids are going through and not stopping to play will keep the lines moving. A couple other items that appear to take strain off everyone at the party are the stop and go light and the megaphone. The stop and go light is the same size as a street light, just shorter due to no yellow light. This remote-controlled light can signal people to start and stop without strain on anyone. The other alternative is to use a megaphone with a siren. The megaphone will vocalize anyones voice and gain the attention of everyone with the use of the siren.

Even the simple task of choosing an obstacle course rental in Colorado can be difficult without taking into consideration all aspects of the event. Using these tips can reduce the strain on all parties involved.

Gravity Play Events in Denver Colorado has many inflatable obstacle course rentals in the Denver area. Gravity Play Events also features a Stop and GO remote-controlled light along with megaphones to operate your event as easy as possible. See our website for more tips or information on increasing the productivity and safety of your event!