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How to Pick the Perfect Inflatable Water Slide for Your Summer Birthday Party

Having a summer birthday party is extremely difficult to do in some parts of the country.  If you are located in the Midwest you have to deal with the extreme humidity but if you are out west in a place such as Arizona you can be dealing with up to 120 degree heat.  Due to these extremes having a summer birthday party at your own house can be hard.  Renting an inflatable water slide is one solution to this problem.  Many people do not think about renting a slide when going through all the options.  Normally the thought process is stuck on a pizza party or maybe a water park party but these can become expensive and sort of a hassle.  If you do choose to go the route of the water slide, making sure you pick the right one for your party is just as important.

A few things that you need to look into when choosing the correct slide is size of your yard, budget, and most importantly all of the guests at your party and not just the birthday kid's age.  Ordering a water slide that barely fits into your yard and leaves the kids no place to run is not normally the best idea.  Although at times it works out, there are the other half that do not.  

Obviously deciding on a budget is a necessary thing to do before you begin shopping.  Having a flexible budget will allow you to pick the perfect inflatable for your event.  Most importantly, make sure you pick a slide that can work for all of your guests.  Many parties go on with only the birthday boy or girl in mind but if the guests are not having a good time then it brings down the vibe of the party.  Try to take into account siblings that may be attending the party.  Its always better to go a size bigger than needed rather than a size too small.  If your water slide is too small then people will become bored more quickly.  Choosing the perfect water slide can change the whole outcome of your party.

Making your guests comfortable is a priority for having a summer party.  There are some party extras that can be extremely beneficial that are available at most of your party rental companies.  Some things to think about ordering with your inflatable are ice chests, sno cone machines, evap coolers, slushy and margarita machines, dunk tanks, water games, and plenty of tables and chairs.

Summer birthday parties are possible in all parts of the country as long as you make you take the proper steps. Choosing the correct inflatable party rental company that allows you to rent the perfect inflatable water slide and party extras is the key.  Do not forget to always watch your kids around water!