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Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen Rental Denver Colorado


Open-air movie theater shows are ultimate American past-time. In the age of the internet, HD movies and on demand movie shows, people often forget that there is a fantastic option to actual experience the movie theatre behind your house in the backyard or along the pool side. Why not show some appreciation for the long forgotten drive in movies by hiring outdoor movie screen rentals for our next backyard bash. Inflatable outdoor movie screens are a fantastic option for almost every party and celebration and great for neighborhood gatherings. You can share the open movie experience with your friends and family and have full control of the times and location.

Giant Inflatable movie screens are great for pool party's referred to as dive in movies. They bring everyone together around the pool to watch a great flick for the evening. Add some chairs facing the massive movie screen, grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the outdoors while you watch a movie.

Current generation hasn’t experienced the real joy of a drive in movie and the outdoor movie screen rental helps you recreate the same experience. With the technology and equipments behind outdoor movie screen rentals, you can host an outdoor movie party at almost every location. You might have noticed that such events have been on a rise in schools, colleges, birthday parties and even used to show a live feed in your local sports and game shows. People utilise the outdoor movie screens to make their wedding unique by displaying a live feed of wedding photos on a big movie screen to their guests. You need to find a reputable outdoor movie screen rental company because having the right equipment and expertise to organise a stress free and quality movie experience for you and the viewers.

Almost every idea has been used before for outdoor parties like open air cookouts, waffle ball events, relay contests, and the list continue. You need to try something different and retro in your next outdoor bash by renting a massive movie screen. They are even available with theater quality sound systems.

Projector screens are utilized to project information and video clips. Projection screens can be created from material like the traditional fabric like bedding etc. For the purpose of casual events like open-air residential shows, fabrics are utilized. For elegant functions as well as movie shows for big get-togethers, artificial whitened substance is employed. Occasionally, wall spaces are being used as projector screens.

Most of the outdoor movie screen is designed for mobility and versatility as they can squeeze into every venue and can withstand almost every type of outdoor conditions. Outdoor movie screen rentals provide screens of various sizes, as per your requirement, you can select from a screen of 150-300 inch and the cost will depend on the size and model of the screen. Projectors also play a key role in deciding the cost as the higher the configuration of projector the better will be its quality.

There are lot of companies online which provide outdoor movie screen rentals but you need to trust only the experienced and reliable name. You cannot trust unprofessional firms as this can ruin your event and can certainly lead to embarrassment in from of the people you know. Companies like Gravity Play Events are a noteworthy name for outdoor movie rentals. If you want to give that unique touch to your party next time and stand out from the crowd, rent an outdoor movie screen from them.