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Summer party ideas in Denver Colorado

 With summer temperatures creeping into the mile high city, nothing could feel better than taking a nice summer vacation to the cool 70’s of California – and even better, Disneyland! However, not many of us can make the time or simply just do not have the money to take a whole family vacation to Disneyland.

Maybe you’re thinking about staying at home and a having a pool party and barbecue for family and friends one weekend, instead. Why not turn that pool party into a cool party with Gravity Play Events 31 Foot Tall Log Jammer Extreme Waterslide?! Likened to Splash Mountain in appearance, the Log Jammer will bring just as much fun to your event as the Disneyland ride with less wait time and with the comfort of home! Get the best of both worlds with this one-of-a-kind waterslide and bounce house combination. Invite family and friends of all ages to slip into summer with this resort-style inflatable waterslide. If the Log Jammer isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, we offer several more amazing water slides and water games that are perfect to keep you cool during your staycation!

Add on our Inflatable Car Wash for those taking a break from the water slide/bounce house to enjoy other summer party activities with its walkthrough misting system experience. Also include our snow cone machine with its variety of flavored syrups as an additional chilly, sweet treat for your guests to enjoy. If you’re using a couple of our 10X10 Canopy Tents and some tables with chairs, as well, you’re ready to have one of the coolest parties on the block, no pool or Disneyland tickets required! Gravity Play Events offers anything and everything you need to help alleviate the heat of the summer and entertain your guests all year round!