Field Goal Challenge Game

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Inflatable Field Goal Game Rentals in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins and Lakewood, Colorado perfect for sports promotions and events

Our Inflatable goal post is huge and comes complete with a football throw game attached so you can kick the football and throw the football with the same inflatable game

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Field Goal Challenge Game

Starting At:
$499.00 / 4 Hours
($10.00 per additional hour)
2 football games in one *restrictions apply

Minimum space required
  • 35 ' (32.00 m) wide
  • 22 ' (20.11 m) tall
  • 35 ' (32.00 m) long
 Our amazing Football goal post game is 20 feet tall and features an inflatable goal post inside complete with yard markers on the floor for an amazing football promotion or event. Be sure to scroll down for more photos of this awesome football game.  

This inflatable kicking game also has a football throw game attached to handle large crowds of football fans making this a great combo game for special events. 

We have the best selection of sports game rentals in Colorado since 2002 and located close to all the sports stadiums including Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora and Fort Collins. 

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Football Field Goal Rentals ColoradoOur Football Goal Post is bright yellow and features netting all the way around including the roof to keep your wild kicks safe
Football Field Goal Game RentalThis Football game also has a Football Toss attached so you can practice passing as well as kicking. Comes complete with all game parts ready to play 
Inflatable Field Goal Game Rental Denver, ColoradoInflatable Field Goal Game Rentals in ColoradoMake sure you have enough room for this Football Goal Post because you can see how big it is in this Gym